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Thread: Alinco DJ296 help

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    Does anyone know how to put a DJ296 into programming mode? Just got the cable and software, and it tries to read the radio, but stops, so I'm pretty sure it has to be put into programming mode.

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    I found a manual online that talks about cable cloning mode. If the software is not from alinco, or perhaps alinco never intended the radio to be connected to a computer, it is possible the software designer is making use of the cable clone function to allow the PC to communicate with the radio. I would try that, its the most I can find online.

    EDIT: dont use the "external terminal control", thats not for PC connection. It looks like it sends 5v out on the mic jack while the radio is receiving. Given the mention of using tone control, the designer must have had a military mindset... Quite an expensive way to set off blasting caps remotely I guess! Cool feature tho!
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    an ebay advertisement for alinco dj296 programming software shows this in the description:

    1) With your PC off and your radio off connect the serial port of the PC to the radio's earphone jack with the appropriate cable. Your radio's instruction manual can help to identify the proper radio connection point for programming (cloning) operations.

    2) Turn on your PC.

    3) Turn on your radio.

    4) Press and hold the MONI key, on the radio, and press the PTT key three times to enter CLONE mode. (DJ-C7 does not require pushing the PTT button)

    5) Use the programming utility to read and write settings as much as is desired.

    6) Turn off the radio.

    7) Disconnect the cloning cable from the radio.

    8) Turn on the radio. The settings changes are now in effect.

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