One of the main complaints I read about with the VX-8DR (and other newer Yaesu HTís) is the lack of a dedicated volume control.

I donít know if this would apply to other Yaesu HTís, but with my VX-8DR I accidently found that the main knob can be assigned to control just volume. I did this by pressing the VOL button and then pressing the F button. The volume level indicator will blink as it usually does when adjusting the volume. But with the right combination of F key and VOL key the volume level indicators will continuously blink. Now the radio is in volume control mode with the main knob. Be sure to have the desired memory channel(s) already selected as the main knob no longer controls memory selection. I have managed to turn this feature on and off a number of times and while I still havenít pinned down exactly what combination of F and VOL keys set it up, it does eventually work. I have never read of this feature in any of the Yaesu manuals. After powering down and restarting the radio this feature continues to function, so it isnít just a temporary adjustment. Pretty handy, I think.