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    Just received my license and have been playing with my HT I am so excited. Built a 1/2 inch ridged copper j-pole that is working great swr 2m 1.2 to 1 and 70cm 1.8 to 1 and today I stumbled on to DMR and I cant wait to get started in that also. there is so much to learn I wish I would have started this 50 years ago. LOL


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    Congrats on a lifetime hobby most of us newbies wish we started 50 yrs ago. GET STARTED with echolink AS WELL. It's totally free, on ham radio, nothing to buy & you already have access to it. I have had Qso's with Austrailia, Israel, Scottland, all of United states and more. ECHOLINK is a part of ham radio that you talk from your ham radio & repeaters with internet connections pop up in other states & countries repeaters with ECHOLINK. YOU can use your iphone or Android phone or tablet and talk to anywhere in the world today

    Anyway, congrats, From KM6OCN VENTURA CA.

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