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    Hello all -
    New to the forum but not the hobby.

    I have moved to a complex of town homes that doesn't allow any type of exterior wiring let alone ham antennas and the like.

    I do have considerable attic space though and so am thinking about a multiband attic antenna. The plywood isn't foil covered and the shingles are plain asphalt. Tests from the attic confirm that signals can get out and in. RFI is also pretty minimal. I can't put up a G5RV but can get close with some other tuned end-fed setups.

    Getting coax from my operating position in the basement to the attic is going to be a real challenge though. There is no chimney or plumbing chase that I can find so going down inside the walls is the only option that I can think of. Short of setting up a shack in the attic, not really an option, I was wondering if anyone knows of a transponder-like device?

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thanks - Mike - KC2OSO

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    You could try an SDR (Software Defined Radio) and connect to it over the internet.
    They vary in capabilities and price, but you can pick one up for around $10 for testing purposes...

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    Did you consider running the coax along the outside of the house. All cable / satelite companies all run the cables on the ourside of a house from the downstairs to the upstairs. I have also done it in Massashuetts without any problems. A drill hole is not very large that will fit coax thru and easily sealed and secured to the side on the house.

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    Depending on the radio you have, there are some that connect to an external unit and allow for remote control through the internet (or WLAN) on a PC or smartphone. Try

    Another alternative would be a cross-band repeater, but you would need to go to the attic to change frequencies.

    A RX only option requiring nothing in the attic is to listen online to some of the radios on
    There are many stations you can choose from all over the globe and they allow you to tune to a band, frequency, mode etc of your choice. They don't all run the best of antennas, but still fun!

    EDIT: City ordinances don't have control of what you attach to your vehicle, sneak the coax out from under the garage door and connect it to the car antenna. Anyone asks, its an extension cord for your block heater or battery charger.

    There are also a wide number of options for stealth antennas. If you are allowed a satellite dish, a slot antenna cut into the dish is effective for VHF. That would also justify holes drilled, just ask the installer to leave room for an extra coax. A flag pole can be tuned up on HF (if you sneak out at night and bury the coax a few inches under the grass) and even metal gutters with a plastic coupling between sections make great dipoles.
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    This is why I could never live in a city.... Bureaucrats you never voted for making decisions that affect your life, decisions that usually hinder ones pursuit of happiness with little benefit to society. Enjoy your hobby because the reward far outweighs the risk! Get a razor blade and cut an X in the carpet so the drill bit doesn't tear it when you drill through the floor. When you move out, nobody will ever see the hole.

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