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    I just purchased the BF-F8HP. This is my first radio and I have no complaints, yet. But on the display with certain letters, such as "W", "N" or part of "B" in the word Boafeng (on start-up) part of the letter is missing, I would have attached pics, but I don't have those privileges yet. My question: is this normal for the display?? When I turn the radio on it does of a display check and all the display blocks are there. Are there any other BF-F8HP owners on this forum experiencing the same issue?? I bought it from amazon so I can send it back if needed. Thx for your response in advance.

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    Out of curiosity, Have you checked wide narrow with the radio booted to operate? If it works while the radio is on, but not in boot test, I would write the company and ask if you could get a partial refund. Either that or exchange them.

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