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    Anyone enjoying the C4FM mode and or Wires X connection ?
    Iíve tried several modes and bands throughout the years but this is fun and especially if you travel itís easy to use and can be very handy. Thereís quite a few C4FM / Wires X repeaters here in Texas and growing.
    I have a DR-2 repeater, FT-3207, FT-100 and FT-70


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    Ken, I'm a keen user of C4FM Simplex on 2m, here on the south coast of England we have a Sunday evening net which has been running for about four years and up to fourteen stations taking part some weeks.
    Best distance so far with lift conditions, happened a couple of times 106.4 miles.
    The C4FM repeater near me is linked to everything via CQ UK, which means C4FM, DMR, D.Star & All-star depending on who's using it at the time, some of the audio is not so good as direct C4FM!
    Rig here is Yaesu FTM-7250D in to 2/70 vertical up on the chimney of the house.
    Hope to work you via Wires X one day.
    Pete - 2EōFVL
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    Hi Pete,

    Yes, a friend 50 km away talk on UHF C4FM simplex and the quality is great. Give me a room number/node # and I’ll give you a call.
    I am on 21636 Texas Nexus most of the time.
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