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Thread: Hams and 11m

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    I am too lazy to research this for actual links ... 11 meters is the CB band and usable with only properly certified radios which are not any ham radios. Once upon a time (and maybe still) getting licensed on CB was as simple as hitting the PTT which "licensed" the user. There was some kind of paper packed with the radio that explained the legal obligations. There is a term for that also ... also don't remember.

    Therefore, it makes no difference if the person that hits that PTT for the CB radio has a ham license or not. The ham license does not apply. To my knowledge, there is no license that applies except for that agreement of "if you push the PTT button, you are licensed per the terms enclosed" (obviously my wording.)

    Because licensed hams were included in the OP, radios that hams use in the ham bands are not legal to use on 11 meters. In the least they would be operating out of band.

    This is and edit to the above and continuing my laziness ... a license is not needed to operate a CB radio. But that radio does need certification for that band to be legal to be used by anyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WZ7U View Post
    Yeah, it gets like this. Human nature and all. Unlike some, I'm into radio for radio's sake. The position in the spectrum is secondary to me.

    This always reminded me of how some hams look at CB. Some hams are the black on the right. Skip to 2:25 if you want to see what I mean.
    I remember that episode!!! Sums it up perfectly.

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    I figured you would appreciate the linkage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandon lind View Post
    I am curious to see where other hams are on the topic of 11m use. Here's where I stand and ask the hams to give me their opinions on the matter.

    I am a general class ham operator, but I also enjoy 11m. I never use my ham equipment on 11m (truth) and I ensure that the radios I do use on 11m are 12w or less on SSB and well within the emission standards hams go by (sometimes that takes some doing lol). I do not approve of, nor respond to, those guys running over-modulated broken radios into splatter-box amplifiers. I do not acknowledge their existence whatsoever as doing so would promote their horrible operating practices. There is nothing in part 97 about hams and 11m, yet, every time I mention on the 2m repeater about 11m, everyone gets all moody.

    Radio is a hobby with communication being the goal. Most of us hams started out on 11m. I like 11m because it keeps me in contact with ANYBODY, not just hams. There is a local 11m guy with a "learning disability" whose entire life revolves around his CB radio, he will never become a ham. I like talking to him as there are no other local 11m operators close enough to talk daily. Besides, hes fun to talk to... It troubles me to hear the sudden tone change in the voices of hams on mentioning 11m, especially when I get weekly emails from the ARRL begging for money to help stop the FCC from auctioning off our ham bands to the highest bidder. The FCC can't follow their own rules, yet, I seem to upset people more for something that isn't even a written rule.

    Am I doing something wrong or are the local hams wrong for giving me that impression?
    Quote Originally Posted by AE1N View Post
    11 meters is for CBers. Concentrate on licensing for 12 meters, a challenging ham band with allowable power up to 1500 watts...
    KM6OCN, Tom , Ventura ca. : Currently technician class ham operator, going for general & extra class next month. I was an avid CBer in the day 70s & 80s, licensed. CB Radio has it's place to this day, although there is more popularity with FRS for theme parks & hiking, outdoor activities. There is no requirement to license on CB any longer. THERE IS A VERY STRICT LIMIT ON PEP rf output of 5W AM & 12W SSB. A ham license is NOT VALID ON 11 METER BAND. Do not use it there. There is no limit on the antenna other than tuning for wavelength. Other than emergency communications & common courtesy, proper language there are no restrictions. Understanding basic ham rules of communicating with other countries, is useful if you want to actually get replies. CB Radio may be considered amateurish but what do that say about Amateure radio….? 73s

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    I talk to people on the ham bands, on network radio, my business UHF repeater, and hire radios and marine band. Some people are interesting. Some far less so. On all the bands.

    I don't have an CB kit, but would happily do the same there. This is simply human nature - to group and form up against people who are not in the group. Does it really matter? The only real rule is to always listen to how any group works, and then mimic their practices. Don't any of you technical folk use other forums where people are very non-technical? You have to change your way of talking, and perhaps even dumb down your vocabulary to match the others. What is absolutely for certain is that some radio hams in any decade have been totally unpleasant snobby, look down on everyone people. These people also exist in EVERY group. The good thing is that all users recognise them for what they are.

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    Humanity does not evolve like technology or government regulation. As time passes, ethics and personal morals will continue to clash. All we can do is attempt to defend our own beliefs within the confines of current law and hope that common sense prevails over the obvious alternative, inevitable war. I will continue to operate in both services in accordance with federal regulation as long as I am legally permitted to do so. I thank everyone for their input!

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    you do what makes you happy, if it bothers someone else to the point that they want to ignore you or put you down, you did not really want to talk to those folks anyway.
    CB holds no interest to me for pretty much the same reason I avoid 80 meters late in the evening. If you find CB in your area enjoyable, then by all means use it and have fun.
    I think having fun is what a hobby is supposed to be for.

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    in my area the cb is practically a dead band.

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    cb is not necessarily dead, I have one in my POV. to warn drivers when we have a road closed due to accidents.
    this gives them the option of finding alternative routes to avoid the accident scene.
    I do not engage in useless chatter just to use the radios. to me they are a tool for safety.

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