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Thread: 450ohm ladder and coax

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    Default 450ohm ladder and coax

    My qth I have a radio room in small cupboard / room with pre existing vent duct to outside.

    Depending on route of feed to antenna location I have a run approximately 50m. And a concrete and metal workshop within 3 meters of aerial location on a bank in rear garden

    Looking at most coax it performs terriblely in power in watts lost with 6m band and long run & 2db indicated average loss.

    So my question is coax out of radio room>9:1 Balun to 450 ohm wire (avoiding resonant lengths of antenna) terminated to 9:1 Balun and short run of coax to aerial.

    Looking at if this is a cheaper, less lossy ,method to get coax loses down to aerial.

    Looking at 213/LMR 400 or LMR600 in short runs


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    For H.F. nothing beats open wire feeder, particularly the lower bands.
    V.H.F. and above, you'll need the lowers loss coaxial cable you can find...

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    What did you mean by short runs? Absolutely NOT short runs joined together - as every connector has a small amount of loss. To be honest, 2dB loss is quite workable in real life.

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    yep, figure you would probably have less loss with one long run of good grade coax than with all the connections and baluns in that configuration.

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    Hi Dan31 . After reading your query, and noting the 50 m( approx 163 feet) run to antenna, I would suggest , stay with the 450 ohms feeder line.! and use an antenna tuner , although you do not mention , just what antenna you will be using, straight dipole? multi -band non- resonant top ? etc ! The main small problem , with 450/300/ feeders is the wet weather effect, but personally speaking , I don't find that a great problem.. My own 450 ohm feeder comes thru' the roof space (attic) The small workshop you mention, would obviously be the ideal

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