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Thread: A newbie to the forum.

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    A little bit about VE3IVU..... I am the 2nd in line with VE3IVU. Grant VE3IVU was the original holder of the callsign and he was a Licenced Amateur for the best part of 35 years. Grant was also a Radio Operator back in th early 1950's on the HMS Cornwallis. Well Grant(dad) passed away and went Silent Key on October 18, 2010.
    Prior to the passing of dad I had become interested in Amateur Radio and spent the better part of the last two years before his passing helping dad with getting around to the local radio group and becoming familiar with the equipment. Dad wanted me to get more involved with the radio so I obliged and became a member of the local radio club with him, the QARC (Quinte Amateur Radio Club) . After the first year I decided that I would go for my licence and at that time Grant decided that the shack would become mine and all of its equipment was to become mine as well. Grant poked and prodded me to go for my licence and again I obliged him, registered to take my Canadian Amateur Licence Course which started on the 13th of October of 2010. I at that time went to the hospital to visit Grant where he had been for the previous 7 months to let dad know that I was at my first class the night before . Grant smiled, congratulated me and asked if I was going to stay with it. Told him yes and we visited for a while. I left later that afternoon to receive a call from the hospital to tell me dad had taken a turn for the worse and it did not look good. A few days went by and things continued to get worse. Grant VE3IVU asked that I take his callsign and use the radio equipment, he slipped in and out of consciousness for another day than passed away.
    Well a few months had passed by and it was time to write my exam, I passed with honours so now I am VE3IVU. My mother called me and asked how I did and I told her about my exam and my licence was approved for VE3IVU. Mom asked if I felt dad was helping with the exam since it was 3 months to the day from his passing away that I became an Amateur.
    So all being said I have had QSO's with some of Grant's past contacts and I do relay from time to time "VE3IVU Grant this is VE3IVU Gary QSL?"

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    Very touching story! Congratulations on your "ticket", and for honoring your father like this. My callsign suffix is my initials, and the reason I wanted this vanity callsign is that my deceased dad's first name is my middle name.
    Welcome to the forum and perhaps I can catch you on the air.

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    welcome to the forum.... my son and my wife are both amateur operators. This is a great hobby to enjoy with your family. My grandson and grand daughter have not shown much interest, but who knows what might happen down the road.

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    Congratulations as well as condolences. Welcome to the ham radio thing we all love. A very touching story indeed, best of luck and I hope to talk to you someday soon. 73, Eric

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