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Thread: HOW do I identify an antenna

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    Default HOW do I identify an antenna


    I have a few antennas kicking around, but they have what I assume are coils on them (example: I dont want to post a picture of each one on here, I want to learn how to identify them. How would I identify an antenna with a coil? Someone told me to buy a SWR meter for each band... Oo no... there must be a better way. Another person said to buy an antenna tester?? but I have found nothing on this and suspect its an expensive SWR meter with an antenna tuner built in. I am not wealthy.

    I have looked on this forum and I seem to only find tons of people sending a picture, asking you to do the leg work. I am asking, how can I do the leg work without trying to compare it to photos on google.

    Any assistance is appreciated.


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    If you do not want to buy one, check with your local club and see if one of the guys will come over and use his antenna analyzer and give you a hand.
    As you mentioned, they are expensive and if a guy does not know you well, he may not want to let his analyzer go off with you.

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