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Thread: Baptism By Fire but still slogging on

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    Default Baptism By Fire but still slogging on

    Years ago I used to CB and in my part of the world it became a free for all after deregulation and lack of funding for enforcement, around this time I moved to a dx394 scanner and hours of enjoyment until my long wire was deemed years later to be unsightly and removed.

    Currently I regularly attend two radio societies and it looks as with regular commitment I will get practical and exam help.

    I have been studying Essex Ham course and have currently bought:-
    Icom ic7300 second hand
    Mfj993 secondhand ( aware the power button falls off eventually)

    I have a semi detached house and 20 meter garden to play with, looking at some sort of stealth Multiband Antenna

    Any help or suggestions gratefully received as currently practicing on HamSphere


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    I started off with, and still have installed, a length of multi strand hook wire trapped in the patio door, going 4m up the drainpipe then down the garden in a reverse 7 shape. This is approximately 12m. The 4m height was using 2 x lengths of 25mm plastic conduit from Screwfix.

    This goes via a choked 1.5m length of coax into my MFJ Intellituner and gets all over the world. In recent times I have got into the West Coast of Australia on 39m FT8.

    Yes it could be better: it has a higher noise floor than my Comet Dipole, it could do with thicker wire, it could do with being higher up, not trapped in door, etc, but it works. I have intended to adjust the length and shape over the years, but never got round to it as, like I said, it works!

    One of the simplest ways to get going with minimal visual impact.

    Kind regards,


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