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    Red face Hello HRF World

    Hi, I am returning to Ham Radio in my (belated) retirement. I have interest in many aspects of the hobby; the 'Elmer' part of me enjoys HF RTTY and a good old rag-chew, but the re-born part of me is hooked on SDR and DMR. I operate Icom rigs on HF and V/UHF together with a Motorola DM4601 and CS700 on DMR. First 'retirement' task is to re-rig the antennae.

    (Note to self: "Should have retired in the Spring/Summer, get the gloves out".

    Regards to all: de G4FUA @ IO81rm

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    welcome back! - just in time to get your antenna farm back in order before the real cold sets in!

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    Welcome back.

    DMR is a useful tool for local contacts, and those who are very restricted on what aerials they can put up, in addition to being another mode for others to enjoy. We run GB7MR.

    FT8 is also proving popular for good long ranged contacts during the current sunspot cycle.

    Kind regards,


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