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    I've just taken delivery of around 38kg of Tait T2000 UK PMR Band 3 rigs (175MHz-225MHz).
    Obviously these are of no use to me and I bought the job lot just for the head units and the logic boards, although if any of you US types are interested in a 220MHz rig, drop me a line.
    Anyhoo... In the box with them was this:

    I think it's either a Kenwood TK-809 or TK-709 but there's no markings on the case or the PCBs.
    809/709's have the buttons marked differently too.
    When powered up, it displays 'DR-01' then proceeds to a left to right 'knight rider' like display.
    Anyone got any idea that this is? Is it an MPT-1327 rig looking for it's master?

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    The link doesn't work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    The link doesn't work?
    There's no link in the post at all...

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