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Thread: Chinese Radios Have Done So Much For Amateur Radio

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    Default Chinese Radios Have Done So Much For Amateur Radio

    Hi All
    I believe Chinese radios have done so much for amateur radio because now now you can be on the air for under 20
    Why spend hundreds of pounds just to see if you like the hobby ?
    Why spend hundreds of pounds for a UHF / VHF scanner when a Baofeng UV-5R will do just fine
    The list could on and on
    Amateur Radio has so much to thank the Chinese radios for

    73s Colin MW1 BLE

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    I don't disagree. My very first icom 260E cost over three hundred quid. nearly three weeks wages! A Chinese radio is now the price of a visit to McDonalds!

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    I hope that visit to Maccy Dees feeds the whole family. I mean, thirty quid on burgers for one person...!

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    Default question about TYT

    Hello, and my apologies if that was discussed before, I am quite new to DMR world. I have two TYT radios: MD 380 and UV 380, and for some reason there is no sound. I put them on the frequency of local repeater and cannot hear anything (though there are bars that are moving, so I assume I have the signal). I then put them on the same frequency to talk to each other and again, I see the signal is coming through, but I cannot hear anything with volume at max. I spent time watching YouTube video's, but that did not help. Can anyone maybe guide me through it? I think it has something to do with programming the radios, but I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

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