I'll be taking my technicians test this Saturday. I'm very new to this level of radio operation. I lived on a boat for 25 years and used to chat ship to ship and ship to shore on my VHF but nothing any more sophisticated than that. I had a neighbor with a Kenwood radio on his Grand Banks trawler and of course fell in love with it and committed to one day getting my ticket.

I'm a big electronics geek. I've got a few GMRS radios and I recently bought a cheap Baofeng BF-F8 which I just listen on to help learn the protocols while I study. In addition to that I collect radar detectors, I've got a Uniden R1, Valentine One, Escort Redline, Escort SR7 a few Lidar jammers. Anti Laser Priority, Blinder M47, and an old Laser Interceptor. I also collect police radar, I've an old MPH X band, a Kustom Silver Eagle Ka 35.5 dash mount as well as a Stalker Dual Ka 34.7 dash mount, both are single antenna that I use to test the detectors.

In addition I've got a few Lidar guns, a Kustom ProLaser 3, Kustom Pro Lite, and a TruSpeed stacked Lidar all 200 pps and my big dog is a Digital Ally Lidar with ECCM that I play with the jammers as well.

So needless to say, I'm looking forward to jumping into all the electronics available in the HAM world. Should be fun.