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    Is using an antenna analyzer the only way to measure reactance in an antenna (X value)?

    I found this cheap Chinese Analyzer, but will it measure X, or just overall impedance (Z)? Has anyone tried using one of these (I think it's basically a more cheaply made Sark), and are they accurate?

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    Well, I guess it's a moot point now. I went ahead and bought the Sark.

    From what I've gathered, the only way to measure impedance/reactance other than an analyzer, is by using a signal generator, which I also don't have.

    Another question that I have, is why do so many Hams seem to use SWR meters only? I asked a neighbor who is a ham user if she had an antenna analyzer, and she said yes, but it turns out it's just a really nice and expensive SWR/Wattmeter - which cost her about the same as a MFJ-259c would cost! But from what I've been learning, SWR doesn't really mean much when matching an antenna - what you really need to know is impedance, and resonance, right?

    In my specific case, since I will be running strictly monoband, I want to try using a 1/4 shorted stub for antenna matching. But to set it up correctly, I need to know the impedance at resonance (If I'm understanding all of this correctly.). Once I know the antenna impedance, I can then properly calculate my stub distance and length values.

    One other question I have, is this: Is there any benefit to antenna matching, if your SWR is below 2:1 (assuming no tuner is involved)?

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