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Thread: Car Port + Antenna Options

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    Default Car Port + Antenna Options

    I am going to be purchasing a couple of 52" whip antennas for my car and truck, but then I realized that the car port will be a problem!

    I was looking into certain fold over and quick disconnect options, such as the Breedlove variants that k0bg recommends, but I wanted to see what you guys might have to say.

    My largest concern is in winter, when the antenna mount could get coated in snow and ice. Anything that will make my wife less angry about having to get out in -20 degree weather and fiddling with her antenna in order to park, is going to make my life a whole lot easier!

    Is it ok to regularly bend whip antennas slightly? I will be mounting the antenna at the rear end of the roof, and it's a hatchback, so if she just parked so that the car was under the car port, the antenna would remain outside and just be bent slightly.

    As for the truck, I don't drive it often so disconnecting or folding over an antenna is no big deal for me.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: I did find this motorized mount - Diamond K9000 but it says it's for 45" antennas max. Maybe this would be something to try. I figure I'd need to ground the antenna to the frame myself, since this unit doesn't seem to do so.
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    I considered that Diamond motorized mount, but I have a dualband antenna which is pretty rigid. I thought I might forget to lower it at some point. It seems to me that whips are very forgiving and flexible. Maybe try it that way and see how you like it. The motorized mount is made for antennas not requiring a ground. There is another brand of a very similar mount but I haven't managed to remember the name. I dont think prices were very different. I made a manual fold-over mount pretty easily. A friend made a motorized mount from a windshield wiper motor!

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    What bands are you going to be operating on? And why did you choose a 52" whip?

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    Just 6 meters. The 52" whip is 1/4 wave, and I don't plan on using any lower bands in her car.

    I found a Diamond antenna that is 44" long from their HF line, for 6m, but I assume it won't perform as well as a full 1/4 wave whip.

    I'm a little reluctant to use the motorized mount, because it will probably affect my ground plane.

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