I am newly licensed, shopping for a 2m/70cm radio for mobile use. My intention is to have something that will be useful in an emergency, and maybe also on the job site. It seems that all radios advertised as "amature" have a very wide RX but their TX is limited to amateur bands. It's great to be able to scan and monitor a large range, but in an emergency I want to be able to communicate on any frequency that may get me in contact with the help I need. If I'm broke down in a forest and my radio picks up some hunters on GMRS it would really suck to not have the ability to reach them. Obviously you would need to act responsibly with this ability, but that's why I got licensed and continue to learn.

This thinking led me to land mobile radios. I currently have my eye on the TYT MD-9600. Has anybody used this model?

I can't be the only HAM with this thought, so what other products are out there that will do what I'm looking for? Maybe there's a mod for a radio that is sold strictly as HAM?