Visual Rotor is a software create for Arduino Mega 2560, with TFT touch-screen of 4.3 WQVGA de 480*272 and micro SD memory card, that allows to handle almost any rotor that exists in the market in an easy and intuitive way ,adding some functions such as communication port RS232 serial or USB, supporting the protocol of Prosistel so it can be governed from a PC, voice function for the blind, change of course from the screen, start / stop ramp, etc. Visual Rotor is fully updatable by software and has been developed in 6 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. It allows the use of up to four rotors, being able to define all the parameters according to the rotor model used. You can choose between Azimuth and Elevation , If you want to start and stop smoothly, if the rotor allows rotation of more than 360 degrees, if the center of the rotor is North or South, etc . It is easy to install inside the rotor control and simple to calibrate, you only need to indicate the left stop and the right stop in Azimut or the lower stop and the top stop in Elevation and Visual Rotor will calculate all the necessary data for its correct use . It has several presentations of data and use on the screen. Everything is configurable from the screen, without the need for a PC. The voice of Visual Rotor is from my son Mario, 11 years old.

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