I'm a relatively new HAM operator having just received my license about a month ago. I've also just purchased a FT2DR and have been having a lot of fun with it. I'm having a bit of trouble getting APRS to work completely. I can receive incoming beacons/messages just fine but when I try to transmit a beacon/message it doesn't seem to work. I can tell that the radio is transmitting the beacon when I press bcn-tx as I hear that "modem" connection sound that we all used to hear back in the days of internet dial-up. However when I check aprs.fi my callsign doesn't display on the map. I've also tried sending a text message to my smart phone using SMSGTE and that does not work either. I used the FT2DR APRS Edition Instruction Manual as my guide to setting up APRS on my FT2DR. I've done extensive searches on the internet and I can find cases where others have posed questions about this same issue but so far haven't found a solution. Which has lead me here in hopes that someone has some experience with this issue and can provide some ideas on what the problem could be and/or how I might troubleshoot the issue. Thanks Bruce