Hi All,

First post here, Iíve had a good search through the forums but canít seem to find any info relating to my specific application, so Iím after a bit of advice please.

I have a need to record the microphone outputs from a combined speaker, mic and PTT button headset whilst it is also connected up to a radio used for 2-way comms. Currently, the speaker and mic headset has a single Kenwood K1 style plug to connect it to the radio. I am planning on using a PCM recording app on my smartphone to record the mic output.

I have searched high and low for a pre-made adapter that would help me out. My thinking is I need a female K1 which splits in to a 3.5mm audio jack (to connect to the phone) and a male K1 (to plug it in to the radio).

Does anyone know if there is anything like this available? Or if not, any tips on knocking one up myself?

Many thanks