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    The FCC issued the following Enforcement Advisory on Monday regarding uncertified radios:

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    Your Government seem to do things like ours - make an edict, but not give any real advice on how to proceed.

    Which radios have been certified and which ones in common use have not. Which ones are now absolutely illegal, and probably many ham operators now have equipment that will be illegal because it could transmit somewhere it shouldn't.

    Our Government sometimes make things illegal simply to give an option for prosecution if they wish for serious offences, but allow them to happily ignore non-critical transgressions.

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    It seems, to me at least, that it's part of Trump's war on China. I don't think they'll be raiding homes, rather preventing commercial mass importing and stopping the occassional package coming through the post.

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    Who knows what the government's motivation is but there is one thing that is certain. This advisory, in one swoop, rendered a good percentage of the Baofeng radios in the US as illegal to operate. I know the one I have will transmit on Part 90, GMRS and ham frequencies. Because it does not hold certification for either Part 90 or GMRS, I now can't use it on the amateur bands either (although I haven't since I learned of the spectral purity issues with these radios.)

    Additional information since I first posted this: We discussed this at length at my club meeting yesterday evening and we came to the consensus that as long as someone operates these radios strictly within the limits of the amateur bands, the FCC isn't going to go after them. One of our members is also the ARRL Section Manager for our area and he is going to be exploring this further with the Division Director.

    Also, the ARRL is already in talks with the FCC on this so more will be forthcoming, I'm sure.
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