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Thread: Yaesu-FT-101EE-SSB-Transceiver

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    Question Yaesu-FT-101EE-SSB-Transceiver

    Hello, Currently I知 a SWL only using a Kenwood R-1000 Receiver with a long wire end fed antenna. I was a novice ham KN4YYQ back in 1960 when I was in High School, after that I enlisted in the Navy 1961, after 23 years I retired (Fleet Reserve) in August 1984 as a FTCS(SW)

    I知 planning to get back in to Ham radio again with a full up transmitter and receiver Rig latter this year.
    I will be taking the Technician exam next month in Gulfport Mississippi and later on I will take the General exam.

    I知 also a retired Defense Contractor, Combat Systems Test Engineer.

    My QTH address is;

    Paul Chastain
    9524 Point Aux Chenes Rd.
    Ocean Springs, MS 39564

    My Email Address is; [email protected]

    There is a Yaesu FT-101EE SSB Transceiver for sale/auction on Ebay and I would like to buy it looks OK in the pictures. But it is a 40+ year old unit, now the driver and PA tubes are still available for purchase. But what about the transformer, capacitors and resistors, ect. If the unit was kept in cool dry storage I'm thinking it's OK ? The seller states it was powered up but had no antenna to test the receive & transmit functions.....

    I'm on a budget and I'm looking for a low cost rig to get back on the Air

    Please Advise.....

    73's Paul

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    "The seller states it was powered up but had no antenna to test the receive & transmit functions....."

    Means it doesn't work in my mind. That phrase and ones like it make me nervous. If you are able to effect any needed repairs, then great. I suppose it depends on how you value your time. I would only buy a radio with that caveat as a project rig and not as a ready to use rig. Plus, if it somehow did work as it should, bonus! Eventually I suspect you will have to recap it and who knows what else. Expect problems and bid accordingly.

    YMMV and all that. Best of luck however you choose to go.

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    Paul - we've all been around long enough to know that this would be like buying a cheap 40 year old car in order to have reliable transportation. Probably not a good idea. To buy it as a project to fix it up and maybe be able to drive it around town here and there - fine. But not to get to work on time every day.

    There is a lot of used stuff available on QRZ or other places that's newer and will be better use of your money.



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