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Thread: What would you do with this mast?

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    Default What would you do with this mast?


    I tilted up my mast this weekend. It consists of 1-5' section, and 2-10' sections of Rohn antenna mast mounted on a tilt up bracket which is mounted on a 2" pipe 4' into the ground with concrete. The mast is secured to my fascia with a sturdy bracket so there is about 15' free in the breeze above the fascia. On top, I have a 5' cross beam with the 2m j pole and discone antennas mounted at the ends.

    As you can see in the pic, as I raised the mast, it bent slightly, but not kinked. Watching it in the wind, it does not look as stable as I thought it would be. I'll need to take it down when my LMR400 comes so wondering if I should either: remove the 5' section and have a total height of 20', or, guy it to the eaves and peak to keep the height.

    What would you do?

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    I would say keep it as high as possible, but yes, you need guy-ropes, at least three, better four. I don't know if steel rope would interfere with the aerial's performance, but if you're worried it might, you get nylon line that has well over a tonne breaking strain - even a much thinner type which can handle 500 to 750 kg would probably enough.

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