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Thread: TS-570S(G) for a newbie

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    Default TS-570S(G) for a newbie

    I have been hunting eBay, Craigslist, and other markets looking for a nice starter HF Rig to get on air and make some contacts and I found alot of these S and D (G) models. It seams like these radios offer the bands I want and the options needed to start making some DX contacts and learning the basics of antennas and such. Has anyone had one of these radios are they a good starter? Are they forgiving to a newbie or super complex to work? How do they interface with computers? I am considering this as a viable first rig as the prices look pretty good, and really would appreciate some wisdom from others who have experience.

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    Have you had a look at eHam?


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    Quote Originally Posted by chris_debian View Post

    Have you had a look at eHam?

    My first rig was the Icom 718. Easy and still a favorite. Next is a Yaesu FT450D, more features plus 6 meters. Both are nice radios with many happy operators

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