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    Hey all, Iím just now getting into the whole ham radio world and Iím looking for help on how to setup/ what i need to set up a basic portable ham radio Man pack to take camping and such. Any help would be appreciated!

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    In these cases, we always ask the same question. Who, exactly, do you wish to talk to? People local to you? People further away, or even people in foreign countries? Do you have facilities to charge batteries? Is weight a consideration? Can you climb trees or find ways to erect antennas?

    Perhaps you could tell us what you can already do, and how you want your purchase to work?

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    Yep, we need more info.... this camping, is it going to be in a camper, travel trailer, backpacking?
    Camping in secluded areas or close to cities? Repeaters available or are you just looking to operate HF?

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    If you mean something universal then it could be some mobile radio like Yaesu FT857 which covers all bands and all modes.

    You may use wire antennas like dipoles for HF. Thez are lightweight and easy to set up. It is goot to have some telescopic pole, even simple cheap fishing pole of 6m or longer would do.

    for higher frequencies, it is good to have some easily deployable antenna like Jpole made of twin lead cable. There are some Yagi constructions that may be collapsed and packed up in backpack. However, it is more practical to have additional walkie-talkie radio for VHF/UHF.

    You need battery of course and that is most problematic part of the setup because of the weight. If you go to LiFePo route it might cost but would be significantly less weight.

    You may set it up in military like manpack, but I prefer something that I carry in backpack as I always need to carry on other stuff besides radio, like additional clothes, food, camping gear or so.

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