My Paragon has been boxed up for almost ten years. I recently got licensed again. I thought my radio had a problem on 75 when I put it away but couldn't remember for sure. Today I broke her out and powered up. PLL out of lock came up. Bad solder joints was one response and another was "mine does it occasionally but not issues after its been on for a few minutes". So I walked away from mine for 5 minutes. I came back and it was displaying properly. A friend showed up with a dummy load and I started through the bands. I'm good everywhere. Yippee. That stuff doesn't usually happen to me. Now if I can just get the string replaced on my tuner so the dial moves I will be 100%. Gotta get some antennas up and get on the air. (Right now I run coax out the door to a Hustler mobile on a magnet stuck to whatever is parked close enough )