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Thread: Vertical antenna radial solution

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    Default Vertical antenna radial solution

    I have a 48 foot vertical, but have very limited real estate area for laying ground radials. Are ther other acceptable options besides laying multiple 1/4 wave radials? I would even consider a different type of antenna. My antenna is only a few feet from my 26 foot tall house.

    Thank you for your help!

    Butch Reed

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    Sometimes a large number of relatively short radials will outperform just one or two radials of textbook length. As long as you can make them - and you can bend them a bit, just to include the amount of good conductor in the soil. I would recommend trenching them in little slits in the turf with a few lawn staples to keep them where they need to be. Let the grass grow up and around them. Just don't forget, if you're planning to prepare a garden in a few years! You'll find your radials....
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    The antenna books say that elevated radials perform better than buried ones,
    and they should be 3 or 4 feet high. I have a 160m radial stapled
    to a fence, 80m radial stapled along a roof eave, and 40/60M radials
    hot-glued to a stucco wall, blob of glue every few feet. All my radials are #18 enameled wire and 1/4 wave. Nice thing about hot glue is it holds forever until you don't want it to. Since you are so close to the house you could really go crazy stringing 1/4 wave radials all over it :O) Hope this helps!


    Dale W6TZI

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