Hi! As an electronics and avionics technician I'm very interested in components. As a hobby I have a flare for militaria. I've seen pictures of these blade antennas on the production line, but I have no such pictures available for reference now. All I want to know is what the connector is called, and on a sidenote the often attached base extension. But for all my research I cannot find a name, and hence have no clue where to start looking in a component list.

For a verbal description, it's a solid square conductor plate on a flat base with some sort of threaded connector (either SMA, F-connector or any other type) on the bottom. The plate is drilled with two holes in a vertical line from the connector, and the holes are threaded to fasten the tapemeasure-like antenna with screws.

I was hoping someone with more experience with handsets would have the answer, as I mostly work with fixed antennas which is delivered in complete packages.

Thanks up front!
Mathias out.

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