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    Hi all, I'm currently studying for my technicians license. From what I read im allowed to listen. I figured out how to connect to my local repeater. The repeater message came on..... but I never hear anyone talking. I walked my brother thru the settings and when he connects her hears a good number of people talking.

    Im in nyc, thinking big city someone has to be talking.... why is it so quiet ?

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    Maybe it was just the repeater identifying itself (every 15mins), which is a license requirement...

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    Sadly, repeaters spend long periods inactive nowdays. If you can bring it up, and it responds, it's working - although of course without a licence ........................

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    Sound like maybe a PL tone issue... does the repeater use a PL tone? I would check into that as well. Unless you have your CTCSS engaged incorrectly. It's been too long since I've dinked with tone squelch and all that so maybe someone else can explain it properly? I say that because of the comment about brother hearing lots of people and the OP not.

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    What is the callsign of the repeater? Most repeater owners post the details on the net, so someone can work out what needs to be done to access it. Also, some repeaters can be accessed through EchoLink.

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    There is something odd here - you said.
    when he connects her hears a good number of people talking
    You will hear people talking BEFORE he connects, and to make sure you understand, you don't connect to a repeater, you simply access them. A scanner user can hear a repeater, that's the point. He cannot have connected, because if people were talking, the best he could do was interrupt them! Virtually all repeaters in the ham bands have some indication you got it - the simplest is when you send the right CTCSS tone, and the repeater perks up and turns on. When you let go of the button, you get perhaps a 1 or 2 second blank carrier, then it drops. The next most common system does the same, but includes a tone pip, or series of pips just before it turns off again. Some send a CW ident every access, unless somebody immediately transmits, and others send the ID every few minutes of inactivity.

    If he has a licence he can just call and they will probably respond. If he brings up the repeater by pressing the PTT with the correct tone access set, then he won't get a response because they just hear an annoying access and no voice.

    You need very little to access a repeater. You need the correct transmit and receive frequencies, and you need the correct CTCSS tone on transmit ONLY. You mentioned you are allowed to listen. Anyone can listen to ham bands. You are NOT allowed to transmit. As I said, you don't have to connect - you just dial in the repeater output frequency, you don't need a transmit frequency.

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