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    Default Budget base radio

    Brand new in the world of ham radio. I don't drive so I'm looking for a radio to have in the house. No handhelds, I have 3 of them already... is it possible to find a base station for under 300 bucks. Also can a mobile system be converted to a in house radio. Say maybe using a power supply of sorts ?

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    since you are saying ht's, I assume you are looking to do vhf/uhf.
    yes mobile with a power supply can be used in your home.
    If you go with something like the icom 2730 you can crossband with your ht from anywhere in your house and likely from your yard outside.

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    seems I posted in both your threads... did not notice it was the same op.

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    Something like this? They're pretty cheap


    Not sure if that's what you're looking for though

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