I'm looking to design a high voltage pulse
transformer, step down. A 700 pF capacitor
charged to 44000 V (W=0.6J) crosses a spark gap
whose nominal impedance is 300 ohms.
The secondary side charges a buffer capacitor
to a practicable working SCR breakover voltage, 1.2 KV max
after rectification, at least 50% efficiency.
Parameters to consider which may be of help,
gapped ferrite wideband Magnetics Inc type W, J or F material, perhaps 0.02" max
with an ID of 0.75". Also 2 or three cores stacked
won't do it, most likely broken into 6 maybe unequal
length segments for a total height of 40 to 44 inches.
Heat shrinked coated litz wire already taken into account.
If it works, the money is yours. Thank you. 73