Just a quick introduction,

I joined the Blue Skies Of Texas ARC and the Medina Valley ARC in June and got my Technician Class License and moved up to General Class in July. I have now started to study for the Extra Class Exam. I do have a background in Radar Engineering so the technical aspects are not my major challenge. However I am a real rookie when it comes to operations and making a good choice of antenna, radio, etc. My call sign is KI5AKJ but I spend more of my time at the W5AFV shack learning all the features of an IC-7600. I live in an apartment building on the third floor at Blue Skies Of Texas which used to be called Air Force Village II(a retirement community now open to all). It is located approximately 10 miles from downtown San Antonio, TX on West US Highway 90 towards Castroville. I am interested in installing an antenna on my balcony which is not too conspicuous and could be removed in reasonable time when weather warnings apply. The balcony is about 26 feet long, five feet deep at each end and 30 feet above ground level. One of my fellow club member told me to try a vertical. I know that I can try a simple dipole and I am also interested in those who have used a Magnetic Loop or some of the portable gear which would fit.


Charles, KI5AKJ