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Thread: Looking for info on coax use.

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    Question Looking for info on coax use.

    I'm new to HF, I have my rig set up and my EFHW antenna ran. I want to set up a more permanent antenna install area at least 100' from my shack (which is my spare bedroom). I was given a fairly large roll of what I think is high grade coax from a tear down complex. It's actually the pole to pole cable that the tv cable companies used, it's around an 1" in diameter. Would I, could I use something like that to run a heavy duty line from my shack. To a central point where standard rg8 would finish up the run to my antennas. Sort of like a coax super highway in the middle. Or should I use standard coax for the entire length? Thanks for replies.


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    Is there an identifying mark on it? (Google it)

    You're looking for 50Ω impedance - 75Ω is not suitable for a high power transmitter.

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    Be sure its not a fiber optic cable.
    I found a wad of that one day and thought "Eureka, I've scored bigtime" only to determine it was someones castaway that wouldn't do me a bit of good.

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