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Thread: Can Suddenly Tune 60M - Related to Change of PC Graphics Card??

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    Default Can Suddenly Tune 60M - Related to Change of PC Graphics Card??

    This is an odd question and it puzzles me. I have a Kenwood TS-2000, MFJ Tuner 969 and using a folded dipole. Until recently, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the tuner to tune to an acceptable SWR. The only thing that has changed is that I installed an ASUS video card in my Dell OPtiplex 760 so I could connect DVI to my monitor (digital) instead of VGA (analog). Is it possible that the VGA connection in my PC somehow interfered with tuning 5mHz?

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    I wouldn't think a PC component could affect the tuning of an aerial. It could create RFI/noise, yes, but affect the tuning/VSWR, I really doubt it.

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    I’m always suspicious if SWR suddenly improves. It’s often the sign something is amiss.

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    When you build your amateur radio station, it is important for the user to make a log entry of the SWR at different points in each band of their antenna systems.

    It is important for the user to log these readings to have something to compare them to when they notice a difference in SWR in future readings.

    A dummy load will show 1:1 SWR =- yet not radiate no power...

    An infinitely long piece of coax will show a low SWR - even when there isn't a antenna connected to it....

    At certain points - lengths of wavelengths of coax, if there is a problem, you can see a low or high swr when attached to a non resonant load - antenna..

    This is the reason why these topics are questions on my countries amateur radio exams....

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