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    Why is there a need on a forum to insist people change their passwords? I don't use my banking password on a forum, just a more memorable one, and I have too change mine because it's 370 days old, wow! My credit card one is ten YEARS old and still is, by their description VERY strong. On top - the forum remembers old passwords and will not let me go back to the previous one. For essential internet access, passwords are important - but we're a chat forum, the forum, know very little about their members and loads of people have anonymous usernames and no personal information. What secrets could be of use to anyone else. Just seems a bit OTT, and worse, my iPad could not change it - the passwords didn't match, on the MacBook, the passwords were happily accepted?

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    On a positive you can re-enter the old password, and save. There is no need to actually change it.

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    Ah - too late now, it took me multiple attempts to remember yesterdays new one, and you only get 5 attempts, made it on try 4!

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