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    So yesterday on the 18th of august I took my Technician Exam. I passed happily. I now want to purchase a new antenna for my baofeng UV-5R2+. I currently have the stock rubber duck antenna which I know is not the greatest. I'm on amazon right now looking at Nagoya antennas.

    I'm looking for an antenna around the 8 inch mark. I don't mind the longer antennas but for the moment I'm looking for something a bit mobile. I see two Nagoya 701s listed on amazon. One is NA-701 amateur and the other is NA-701C Commercial. What is the difference?

    If you also recommend anything better or different even longer over my choice. Please feel free to encourage me what the best option is.

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    There are loads of versions of the same antenna, and my deep suspicion is that most are made in the same factory, or by somebody just copying them. In general - they are a tiny bit better on the design frequency and worse on anything else - worse than the one that comes with the radio in fact. So if you like the marine band, the chances are the better antenna is worse! Here is what I found.

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