I know this has been beaten to death, however I am looking for some gut feel and help. Recently moved and starting over with ant. Want something very simple yet reasonable signals. Because of location and neighbors, at this time no long wires or high obvious "ham antenna". ---- Thinking about a 20 m dipole, mounted vertical to an all wood and composite shop type building. It has a cement floor, so a normal vertical ant. with radials is questionable as they could only fan out 180 degrees. The building is 13 feet where I am thinking about a support. I would build the ant. out of aluminum tubing so it could be mounted extending above the roof-line several feet. Prefer not to have any guy lines. Would put a balun (1:1) in the center and then what? Would it work to put a small loading coil on each side of the balun, therefore allowing the actual elements to be shortened down to about ten or twelve feet each, thus keeping the overall height to maybe 20 to 24 feet? How close to the ground could I place the end of the lower element? Maximum power for this setup at this time would be 100 watts. Roughly what would be the maximum voltage at the end of the lower element? --- Is this a totally crazy idea??? Thanks -------------- This is a slight change or edit, Instead of putting the loading coil next to the balun, would it be better to put them out about half-way of each element? I think it would give better signal, but what are your thoughts?