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Thread: Tactical Headset For DMR Handheld

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    I purchased a tactical headset, the kind with the clear ear tube, to use with my DMR handheld. It has a two pin Kenwood connector.

    The headset works perfectly with my analogue handheld, but due to the TDMA of DMR, I get motor boating in my transmit audio when the handheld is using the rubber duck antenna. If I connect to an external antenna, trunk mount, the motor boating goes away. So it works when mobile, but if I wish to be portable and use my headset it is no good.

    Does anyone know of a good headset that will not motor boat on DMR when portable?

    Thanks for your comments.

    73, W9KJO,Walter

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    I don't quite understand here? The radio is leaking into it's own mic input? Sounds like it's just a faulty/poorly designed headset where the mic and/or the cable core screening is poor. I've never had a headset do this - it's either a design fault or maybe just a real fault. It could be just a poor design that FM doesn't reveal? Have you tried anything else? I would return it if it's still covered by a warranty as unsuitable as a poor design - if, you can establish it is. It could of course simply be the radio has no RF choke on the audio input, and any connection that puts RF on the screen will cause the problem?

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    Dear Walter,

    A chap on our DMR Repeater, yesterday, was motor boating when using a remote microphone on his Baofeng. Once the microphone was removed everything was fine. Alas, this can be a problem with the cheaper radios and accessories. They are, after all, cheap for a reason.

    You didn’t mention your radio make, so it is difficult to comment, and I cannot really add anything extra to that already said by paulears.

    Kind regards,


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    I've discovered that DMR really, really messes up my PA equipment. Phones often give that nasty chirp, but a DMR on full power is the worst thing to leave sitting on a mixer - it leaks everywhere.

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