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    I hope that this is the right place to post this question. 35+ years ago I built a Heathkit SB-201 linear amp. I thought I had kelp all of the manuals for it. Now, I am installing the Harbach upgrade kits for it, and I noticed this weekend that I am missing the SWR assembly mounted to the rear of the chassis. It is the one that has the round metal pipe and U shaped channel about 6" long, plus the electronics for it. Instead of those parts, I have a length of RG-58 coax connected to the relay to the output SO-259. I am sure that when I stopped using it back in 1987, that every thing worked on it. I seem to remember that when I built it, there was a service update/change mod for this. Can someone help me if this is correct?


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    Have you tried contacting Heathkit and asking them? They might be able to help/point you in the right direction:-

    Heath Company (Heathkit)
    Operations: PO BOX 15, OTTSVILLE PA 18942
    R&D/Mfg: PO Box 3115,
    Santa Cruz CA 95063

    +1 (831) 480-4368
    [email protected]y

    Kind regards,


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