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    I am looking at putting up a tower with a rotor handling two beams with a vertical on top. Of course there has to be an allowable distance between the antennas so they do not physically touch, but is there a minimum distance between them for other reasons? I was thinking about 4 feet based upon nothing other than a guess. Much thanks in advance.

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    I'm certain that there are all sorts of technical reasons why beam antennas should be 'X feet' or 'X fraction of a wavelength' apart vertically, and I'll let people far more knowledgeable than me tell you the science!

    However, science isn't always the determining factor. I (somewhat surprisingly) got permission to put this lot up on my last house, but there were height restrictions involved. So things were limited and the HF and 2m beams were around that 4' distance apart. But, as far as the VSWR was concerned, it was pretty much perfect on all the antennas, including a 10m halfwave vertical and a 2m collinear not seen in this photo. Performance did not seem to suffer and I had plenty of HF contacts worldwide and 2m contacts across the UK and Europe. So in terms of operating experience at least, having the beams (and the verticals) close together didn't seem to make any difference.

    antennas 1985.jpg
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