Have a Diamond CP-6 vertical antenna, worked well for a while, now I can not do any QSO:s any more , no response when I call for a CQ or establish contact with another station calling for CQ, tried 20m, 40m, etc... VSWR values are near specification on all selected band windows, receive is ok (I think so, but not 100% sure that is is as before) , can hear long distance QSO:s from Europe. I took my protable IC-7300 to a friend in the same city about 13 km far away , steup a long wire receive antenna to the IC-7300, from my QTH using my TS-990s with the CP-6 tried to transmit a CW tone but nothing was heard on the IC-7300, tried 20m and 40m, same problem.

My question here, is it possible that the antenna in damaged in the vertical trap/trpas even though I am getting good SWR values?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Hani George Freiwat, SM5TAO