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    My name is Den and I am a Lecturer from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK. My hobbies include, Amateur Radio, Astronomy and making guitars. I passed my RAE in 1991, and was issued a call sign of G7PZA, however, I became ill (Neurological) 8-9 years ago plus other personal issues and had to move location, I sold all my gear(BIG BIG mistake) so I am starting from scratch again, just one weird thing, when I contacted Ofcom for my licence to be renewed they said I did not exist? So after searching for and sending my C&G certificates to them, they have issued me with a new callsign, I am now M0IQH.

    I am looking forward to being part of the forums, and already have asked a couple of questions, been a while since I did any serious radio stuff, so at the moment I am reading up on current events in radio and watching loads of youtube videos.

    Den M0IQH

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    welcome to the forum and back to the hobby.

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    Hello Den,

    Welcome to the forum, and back to the hobby. Much has changed, but many parts are still the same.

    Kind regards,


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    Welcome back to the hobby, Den! My break was 25 years. I kept the radios and test gear etc, but the antennas and the rotator were all scrap after that time. I hope to get back to HF later this summer and maybe, if funds allow, get a small rotator - it's only going to swing a 5 element 2m beam that's lighter than most TV antennas!

    I kept paying my licence fee each year to keep the call sign valid, until they made it free and now I just revalidate as required. Could you not find an old edition of the callbook with your name and address to prove to Ofcom that you do/did exist and maybe get your old callsign back?

    As Phil said, much has changed, but I'm still having fun doing what I did when I first got my licence - local natters and SSB DX on 2m. And looking forward to SSB DX on HF, sunspots permitting!
    Current radios: VHF/UHF: 2 x Baofeng 2/70 Handhelds. VHF: Kenwood TR9130 2m multimode. HF: Kenwood TS930S-AT
    Home antennas planned: G5RV / G7FEK / end fed wire. 1/2 wave vertical for 10m. 6 element beam for 2m. Vertical collinear for 2/70
    Website for the 'day job':

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    Odd they lost your old callsign - mine was dead for 15 years, and I got that back. Biggest shock was trying to work out who can do what and where. I never understood it, so basically forgot all my old licence class stuff - and work whoever is there, With any callsign class. It really doesn't matter. There is still, sadly, callsign snobbery, so I just spent NO time on what the prefixes mean, and just get on with it. Still some very interesting people, and still some total plonkers.

    On the subject of youtube videos - they fall into two categories. Useful and embarrassing. You will find the Internet has little tolerance for basic questions. Here, people do get answers too quite simple, but important questions - so on the forums, things can get hot quickly. Some subjects are very polarised too. Ask about using a cheap Baofeng on the PMR446 frequencies guarantees you getting called out for illegality, when the fact is loads of people do, including hams who should understand the rules.

    Never get upset by Internet comment - don't get angry, and keep stress free. I've become an old boring fart and having arguments is just a waste of what brain cells I have left. I can have fun with radio, on loads of bands, and when I do - I have a good time. The internet is much more stressful! HAVE FUN!

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