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Thread: SDRplay RSPduo review available to read here

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    Default SDRplay RSPduo review available to read here

    Mike Richards’ review of the RSPduo, which appeared in the July 2018 edition of RadCom is now available to download from the SDRplay website:

    In it Mike writes: “The RSPduo represents the top-end of the SDRplay RSP line-up ….with continuous coverage from 1kHz to 2GHz and a signal level readout that’s accurate to a couple of dBs, this is a hugely versatile receiver with a myriad of uses in the shack.”

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    I have mine set up to give me a band spectrum display and waterfall on my laptop so I can see all signals present on the band before I dial any of them in with my Yaesu FT-450D. I can listen to the chatter as well, again, before I decide to make contact or not.

    I have the MFJ SDR switch so it blocks any transmission I make getting into the SDRplay as it could cause damage to it.

    Super slick way to have a display for my 450D, and a display that offers a great deal of control over the display itself. I couldn't be more pleased with what it has to offer.

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