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    My name is Pete - KD4CQZ. I have had a general class license for around six years; I had a technician class license for quite a few years before that. I currently have a Kenwood TS-2000 with an Acom1010 and a Palstar A2K tuner. My HF antenna is a DX Engineering multi-band vertical antenna.


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    Hello Pete,

    And welcome to the forum.

    Kind regards,


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    Ok, so from what I can see, you have been licensed, but you really haven't done anything with the license.

    Buying an amplifier was probably your first mistake.. For most people, their first desire is to be loud.

    Since most hams today are retirement age, they have a disposable income, so they waste their money on a bunch of crap - usually advertised in QST, and they think that they have to have a lot of this stuff to operate.

    The Kenwood TS 2000 - is a very outdated radio, it does everything ( hamshack in a box ) - just doesn't do it very well.

    Advice would be for you to join The ARRL - at least that way you could receive QST - which would afford you the luxury of getting a hold of the exposure to the latest technology and advice.

    Have you looked into joining a club?

    Have you tried working CW? Lots of really nice guys on CW, and you can have a very good time working them, not the normal rush of phone and contests.

    Do you have the room for an 75/80m dipole? You might want to look into buying yourself a Hy Power Ant Co - 80m Off Center Fed antenna - will get you 75 /80m, 40m, 20m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 440 mhz - all out of one antenna- without the need to use an expensive antenna tuner, or having to mess around tuning up every time you change frequencies,..

    Call CQ - 6m has been open the last couple of days here - PA, and you should be able to work 6m - even with just a couple of watts...

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    I work into North Carolina both on 40m and 6 meters on an almost daily basis...

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