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Thread: Newbie Antenna run question

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    Default Newbie Antenna run question

    Hey folks-

    Newbie alert when it comes to antennas. I have two projects that I'm looking for some guidance on. I'm hoping the crew here would be nice enough to weigh in with a recommendation. I am attempting to run new cabling to the attic to support both a HAM DIPOLE (undecided) AND TV/Antenna (UHF/VHF)

    Home was built in the 1970's and currently has a run of Belden 8290 shielded run from the 1st floor to the attic. I'm unfamiliar with this cable and unsure if its any good for either task at this point.


    1. I'm making an assumption I want 2 independent cable runs (One for the ham setup and one for Tv)?
    2. What would be the preference for cable types. I dont think I can reuse any portion of this Belden so I'll have to find a way to pull it and use it as a guide to run my new cable.
    3. Any references you can point me at for good setups for either of these projects?

    Appreciate anyone who spends the time to read this and feels compelled to share some wisdom. This isnt a decision (or task) I want to do more than once.

    Thanks in advance

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    FWIW... I made some decisions.

    I'm running RG6-quad for Tv and LMR400 run for the new dipole.

    I realize its a newbie question -- but sometimes us newbies need the help.

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    the LMR 400 is good coax, it is however stiff and if you have not put ends on it before it can be a bit tricky.
    Lots of guys use crimp on for that, I never do but that is just a personal preference.
    You might look at some more flexible coax for the pull.
    I actually use LMR 400 for my main runs out to and up my tower, but for jumpers on the rigs and amps I use rg213, it is a lot more flexible and ends solder on a lot easier.
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