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    I am looking to transmit my pa system over a commercial radio frequency that I own. in the uhf band. is there a transmitter that I can use for this?
    I do the pa system for my local county fair and would like to get out of running ( and buying) either underground or overhead more than a mile of wire.
    any help would be appreciated.
    thank you,

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    Realtor transmitter or wireless microphone transmitter comes to mind.

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    Normal repeaters have a 100% duty cycle - but quality is p-oor due to band limiting. I doubt your licence will allow you to do this either - it would certainly not in the UK. Broadcasting rather than communications is very strictly limited. You could use radio microphone channels - but why you want is an IEM transmitter - designed the 'other way around' - they transmit normally to in ear receivers for stage use. They are music quality and what people often do is use one to transmit to a number of receivers - but keep in mind range is rarely long. 100m maybe on a good day.

    Here in the UK we have something called an RSL - restricted service licence - this allows broadcast frequencies to be used which have enough range. Here, it's a little paperwork intensive and has a strict time limit, plus some other rules - but doable with planning. They only snag really is you still have to get power to each location, as 70/100V distribution is just a single pair, while you need mains power and local amplifiers all over the place. If you have to run power, that (here, at least) means even more paperwork, testing and compliance. IEM receivers can be powered by 12V usually, so if you can find 12V amps, you could run around with leisure type batteries. To be honest, I did it once - and the year after reverted to twin feeder again!

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