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Thread: Noob trying to listen to repeater, baofeng uv-5r

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    Default Noob trying to listen to repeater, baofeng uv-5r

    Brand new to this hobby, dont yet have my license. Will be taking the technician exam very soon.

    I just received my baofeng uv-5r and I am trying to listen to a local repeater. I programmed in the output frequency, offset, and CTCSS. I can see that there is activity in the frequncy because the green light keeps blinking, but I cant hear anything. What am I doing wrong?

    I havent yet been able to listen to any radio traffic at all, still trying to figure out how to operate.

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    Hi, Post a picture of your settings.
    Are you using the Baofeng progreamming software?
    Also what is the callsign of the repeater?
    I'm leaving now to go find myself....if I arrive before I get back, please ask me to wait!

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    You might need to get some elevation.

    If you're getting a green light but no audio, it sounds like the squelch is being opened and the volume is down?
    Maybe CTCSS is only needed for transmit and is blocking receive?

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    No I am not using the Baofeng software because I havent yet received the programming cable. the callsign of the repeater is W1QI

    Frequency is 147.300

    programmed in frequency,0.600 offset, + direction, 100 ctcss

    I was actually able to listen in on weekly net tonight. I had assumed the green ligh blinking with static was radio activity, unsure why I am receiving this.

    I also was assuming I could more easily locate radio traffic. I have tried scanning frequncies and keep getting static. How can I find activity?

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    check the repeater directory for repeaters in your area, if you do not have a directory, there are lists on line that you can google.
    Just google amateur radio repeaters. with your ht, you will only receive repeaters in your immediate area. There are about 14 local repeaters here in the Houston area that I can get with mine. If i use an adapter and hook the ht up to the antenna on top of my tower that number increases to about 25 repeaters...just depends on where you live and how many repeaters are in your area.

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    Have you tried entering the frequency (147.300) directly into the radio, rather than select the memory you programmed?

    If this works fine, then you may well have made a mistake in the programming. Might also be worth going into the squelch menu and running at 0, gradually increasing it. Mine is set to 3 on the Baofeng, but I often go down to 1.

    My local repeaters only need the CTCSS tone to open them. They are not needed to receive.

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    It appears to me that he turned on the DCS or the CTCSS and that it won't receive until it sees the right CTCSS or DCS code..

    Throw it away, buy yourself a real radio - those things are junk.

    Where I live they are entirely worthless - because with its limited range, you aren't going to find anyone to talk to - except net night..

    Get yourself a decent 50 watt mobile and a good Diamond Base Station antenna, some low loss coax - Belden 9913 or LMR 400 and a power supply, some tower or a couple of sections of galvanized conduit and get that antenna up in the air 30 - 40'...

    You will quickly graduate to a HF radio when you get sick of listening to nothing at all or the garbage you will hear from the other NOOBS and BOOBS that hangs out on the nets..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixmeters View Post
    You will quickly graduate to a HF radio when you get sick of listening to nothing at all or the garbage you will hear from the other NOOBS and BOOBS that hangs out on the nets..
    Or hang out on the forums for the same reasons...

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