Hi all homebrewers,
after successful building this famous analyzer, I want to announce it here.
Please have a look into the gallery:


Some landmarks:
- frequency range: 500 kHz .. 450 MHz --> now extended to 100 kHz.. 600 MHz
- uses a touch screen (STM32F7 Discovery)
- calculates real and complex antenna impedance
- shows the Smith- diagram
-calculates the matching values for LC- adaption
- all software is open source.

My intention for completion of the software was, to improve the visibility at daylight, and to complement a new "Multi SWR " menu:

Here you can find the circuit diagram and some pictures of the result:
http://www.wkiefer.de/x28/EU1KY_AA.htm (in German)
and here: (in Russian)

73, Wolfgang (DH1AKF)