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    Default FT 891 & FT8

    My FT 891 works flawlessly in FT8 except for one thing. I have worked hours and hours trying to find out why the max output using FT8 is 40 watts. I use 20 watts normally but I tried to boost the power and 40 was the limit. I can go down but not up. The slider in the WSJT software is all the way up and I have even reset the radio and started all over with the FT8 setup to no avail. Any ideas?

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    Digital modes don't usually use the full available bandwith of the transmitter, so less power overall - it's working normally.
    You shouldn't need more than 10W for that mode...

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    Thank you...I feel much better now that I know it's working normally!

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    Default yeasu 891 bandwidth on FT8

    Hello Sunny01

    The limitation of power is good to know (I did not test so far). Actually I have limited my power to 15Watt).

    I had an other limitation.
    WSJT-X on FT8 adjust my yaesu 891 on 40m to 7.074 (D-U (Data-USB)).

    With standar "shift" and/or "bandwidth" nothing to receive.

    When adjust shift (+1200Hz) and bandwidth (3000Hz) I can see all the stations on the waterfall.

    I have done a lot of QSO's with stations until I recognized: For some stations my SWR / Powermeter told me that there is no power.

    Further investigation: WSJT-X tells me on which frequenz above 7.074 the station is calling CQ (between 300Hz and 2500Hz upper 7.074).

    Lower 1600Hz I could see 15W on SWR / Powermeter
    Between 1600Hz - 1800Hz power is decreasing.
    higher 1800Hz no power output at all

    Meanwhile I have resetted the yaesu 891 completly. Still the same result.

    Workaround: change the frequency on the yaesu itself
    Nevertheless: I would like to know the reason for this limitation

    Sincerely dolschew

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